Yesterday serious preparations began for my parents visit in three-weeks on August 10th.  This involves things you would expect like giving the house a thorough cleaning and stocking my fridge, but it also involves things you wouldn’t expect like fixing the AC in my car. Since I bought my car last summerRead More →

As someone who uses technology for pretty much everything I never really had a problem with reading Scripture on a smartphone or tablet.  However an interesting article from late February called “How Smartphones and Social Media are Changing Christianity” changed my opinion. In it the author Christ Stokel-Walker explains how usingRead More →

“When people stop listening, they have essentially told us to stop pursuing them.” Nicholas Batzig Tim Challies in his blog on Wednesday shared a very insightful article entitled “When They Walk Away.”  The author (Nicholas Batzig) does an excellent job of discussing the pain of watching someone we have invested in rejectRead More →