A little over three weeks ago I started getting up at 5:30 then at 6:00 walking to a nearby community called Kearton and back.  Initially this was done to lose my dreaded “American Weight” but by day three I noticed a significant but unexpected change. God in His Infinite wisdom has createdRead More →

Here’s the problem, though. Niceness and kindness aren’t interchangeable. Nice is cheap. It costs you nothing. Nice avoids tension and always strokes your ego, even if Ray Charles could see you’re wrong. Kindness, however, tells you what you need to hear. It won’t stroke your ego because you’re awesome. KindnessRead More →

For Missionaries and others serving the Lord lots of ministry involves dealing with drama.  Because of this we often find ourselves as “firefighters” putting out fires caused by relationship issues, miscommunication, and stress. My initial attempts to put out these fires were disastrous…but then the Lord helped me learn twoRead More →

“When people stop listening, they have essentially told us to stop pursuing them.” Nicholas Batzig Tim Challies in his blog on Wednesday shared a very insightful article entitled “When They Walk Away.”  The author (Nicholas Batzig) does an excellent job of discussing the pain of watching someone we have invested in rejectRead More →

”We shouldn’t let fun become a tool to keep kids interested so we can feed them some good news on the side. Jesus isn’t a side dish." Jack Klumpenhower Yesterday was the first Bible Club since December 15 when kids let out for Christmas break. They greatly enjoyed red-light/green-light, songtime,Read More →

  In September 2015 I began generously offering cold water, a Bible story, and tablet time to children but recently stopped. Not because too many came… but because my generosity became a sense of entitlement Monday afternoon a girl who had already been given water, tablet time, a story, and a smallRead More →